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VedaRaydiance Retreat, May 14-16, Whitefish MT

Jwalan Muktika School of Wisdom

RESTORE, CENTER, AND REJUVENATE YOURSELF with a weekend of Ayurveda and SuddhaRasa Alchemy

Pure and potent lifestyle wisdom,  ancient and cosmic, magical and practical

VedaRaydiance Retreats are multi-dimensional 2.5 day intensives designed for sustainability, inspiration, and upliftment; the entire weekend is devoted to total Self  Nourishment and Healing practices and wisdom for busy lifestyles, and to introducing and restoring awareness and creative inspiration in One’s relationship with food and self-care, most importantly.

It is this comprehensive nourishment lifestyle paradigm taught by Gwen Nitya, Master Ayurveda Teacher, and Deanne, SuddhaRasa Facilitator, that does not exist anyplace else in the world.

My fav. bowl ever!

Beautiful Bowl of Life!

Treat yourself to this 1st ground-breaking lifestyle restoration and rejuvenation LIFE CELEBRATION with an abundance of Amazing Vegan Food, Food Wisdom, and Ancient Eternal Medicine in a stunning intimate retreat setting, comfortable and nurturing, to embrace a new conscious journey centered in Balance, Bliss, Playtime, and Peace.

The Tree Labyrinth

Taking this Journey is committing to Know and Love Thyself


WHEN: New Moon Weekend of May 14-16, 2010

WHERE: Whitefish Montana, Jwalan Muktika School of Wisdom, with Gratitude


Lodging is not included; please contact: for preferred lodging

For Information about Gwen Nitya and Ayurveda, and Deanne and SuddhaRasa, please visit; please call with inquiries

VedaRaydiance Retreat Investments have unlimited value and support. A maximum of 12 people promotes individual attention and customized plans depending on doshic energies and imbalances.  A Lifestyle intake will be required upon confirmation and reviewed prior to the retreat weekend.

Investment for this New Moon Weekend Celebration is $412.00, including all nurturing meals, teas, & elixirs, workbooks, teachings, and apres-retreat support. In full by May 5th, 2010.  50% deposit to hold space due by April 20, 2010.

Early Registration by April 20, 2010, is $385.00 if paid in full – cash, money order, or paypal.

SuddhaRasa Salad

Supreme Citrus Goji Salad

TOL Live Muffin-Making

Deanne at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Cafe

Deanne is a Vibrational Alchemist/Chef & Certified Raw Instructor, past Student of California College of Ayurveda, and sole Facilitator of her Nourishment Paradigm,  SuddhaRasa.   She has over 9 years of intense study and practical experience in healing with pure food and energetics,  gourmet vegan/vegetarian cuisine – blending live, ayurvedic, and macrobiotic passions,  and transitional nourishment for everyone depending on individual needs.  She is intimately connected to a core group of plants and their highest wisdom in our bodies at this time. Enlightening and timely, this cosmic wisdom does not yet exist at this level of awareness, along with the illuminated pathways of the SuddhaRasa Lifestyle – woven with Ayurveda – that promote sustainable upliftment, enchantment, and feelings of bliss.  Her food is Asian/Indian ethnic fusion and beyond, always delicious & super-conscious!

Gwen Nitya is a Master Ayurveda Teacher with the California College of Ayurveda, and a Clinical Ayurveda and Pancha Karma Specialist. She has studied the Iyengar Method with Betty Larsen and John Charping, through the Southern Institute of Yoga Instructors, a 1000 hour Yoga Instructor training course. Nitya also spent a year as a member of a traditional Ayurveda Gurukula, studying with Pratichi Mathur of Vedika Global, focusing intensely on her own self-healing. Nitya is now inspiring others to self-heal with Ayurveda and Yoga through her private practice, Sage Yoga Medicine, in Spanish Forks, Utah. Due to this powerful transformation in her own life, Nitya is now committed to sharing this timeless healing wisdom of the Vedas to the World through, the Premier global on-line portal of Ayurveda Wisdom and Resources.

Gwen Nitya

As we have embodied, and passionately live and evolve our respective arts and teachings, we welcome you to experience our worlds of illuminated wisdom to nourish all aspects of Self, and welcome Each back to their own designs of true health, vitality, wellness, bliss, peace, and consciousness. Namaste.


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