Radiant Rep: HealthForce & EM

Deanne is a reseller of EM America – a comprehensive family of products representing the work and discoveries of Dr. Teruo Higa, the Grandfather of EM Nature Farming and EM Technology for practical use and application in Earth Saving practices in the areas of agriculture, farming, environment, and personal health and gardening.

Effective Micro-organisms are nature’s answer to beyond organic LIVE soil building, compost building and accelerating, and applications and technology for soil/seedling treatment, waste water treatment, and water feature treatment – non-chemical hot-tubs, pools, ponds, and septic tanks.

EM Products and Technology is effectively and economically used in many large and small scale agricultural and environmental projects including livestock waste treatment,  general odor control, community and individual composting/garden programs,  greenhouse growing, and personal health and hygiene – to name just a few applications.

Contact via email at em.wisdom@gmail.com. Subject: EM


Offering sales, service, and education to conscious retailers of food, grocery, health and well-being in Montana, Idaho, and Spokane.

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