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Radiant Organic Green Lifestyle Foodie/Educator/Stylist

Deanne is a devoted foodie with a gourmet cooking background and unique global perspective on food arts and flavors.  She is the only chef she knows that can produce everything needed with right flavor and texture to replace the foods she once loved that did not love her back.  However, there are certain things that don’t need to be replaced – like cheetos, bologna, and hamburgers.

Always pushing the envelope of creativity between simplicity and far-out, she is continuously expanding her perspectives and will soon share these fundamental lifestyle staples with others through hands-on education in food growing and food preparation, ayurveda & yoga lifestyle retreats, and making food for global retreats and spiritual gatherings. Her work is the nucleus of that which draws people together of like minds and inspires other to contemplate their lifestyle habits. Her daily “radiant life” philosophy is accomplished through active outdoor pursuits, with food and nourishment that is infused with love and gifts upliftment and feelings of bliss.

“While we are here on the Earth Plane, we need to eat to sustain and uplift ourselves and support our Dharmas, therefore, there is a style of nourishment  and abundance of magical green plants and energies that are here to support us and elevate us to new levels of experience and vitality. This path can come supported by cosmic guidance (if eating & drinking enough green plants!) and never ceases to surprise and inspire me.  It is an “As Above so Below” Paradigm that is not about earthly science and nutritional data – a “pure” nourishment lifestyle shatters most commonly accepted diets, nutrient levels, and dogmatic practices, ” says the Foodie.

“Furthermore, everytime I have been dogmatic about my diet or a way of life I have received a good butt-kicking…  and now I am so sensitive to everything good and not-so in and around my body – it’s hard not to listen or react when things are instantly absorbed and feedback is coming from everywhere, above and below. “


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