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Radiant Organic Green Lifestyle Foodie/Educator/Stylist

Deanne is a devoted foodie with a gourmet cooking background and unique global perspective on food arts and flavors.  She is the only chef she knows that can produce everything needed with right flavor and texture to replace the foods she once loved that did not love her back.  However, there are certain things that don’t need to be replaced – like cheetos, bologna, and hamburgers.

Always pushing the envelope of creativity between simplicity and far-out, she is continuously expanding her perspectives and will soon share these fundamental lifestyle staples with others through hands-on education in food growing and food preparation, ayurveda & yoga lifestyle retreats, and making food for global retreats and spiritual gatherings. Her work is the nucleus of that which draws people together of like minds and inspires other to contemplate their lifestyle habits. Her daily “radiant life” philosophy is accomplished through active outdoor pursuits, with food and nourishment that is infused with love and gifts upliftment and feelings of bliss.

“While we are here on the Earth Plane, we need to eat to sustain and uplift ourselves and support our Dharmas, therefore, there is a style of nourishment  and abundance of magical green plants and energies that are here to support us and elevate us to new levels of experience and vitality. This path can come supported by cosmic guidance (if eating & drinking enough green plants!) and never ceases to surprise and inspire me.  It is an “As Above so Below” Paradigm that is not about earthly science and nutritional data – a “pure” nourishment lifestyle shatters most commonly accepted diets, nutrient levels, and dogmatic practices, ” says the Foodie.

“Furthermore, everytime I have been dogmatic about my diet or a way of life I have received a good butt-kicking…  and now I am so sensitive to everything good and not-so in and around my body – it’s hard not to listen or react when things are instantly absorbed and feedback is coming from everywhere, above and below. “


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VedaRaydiance Retreat, May 14-16, Whitefish MT

Jwalan Muktika School of Wisdom

RESTORE, CENTER, AND REJUVENATE YOURSELF with a weekend of Ayurveda and SuddhaRasa Alchemy

Pure and potent lifestyle wisdom,  ancient and cosmic, magical and practical

VedaRaydiance Retreats are multi-dimensional 2.5 day intensives designed for sustainability, inspiration, and upliftment; the entire weekend is devoted to total Self  Nourishment and Healing practices and wisdom for busy lifestyles, and to introducing and restoring awareness and creative inspiration in One’s relationship with food and self-care, most importantly.

It is this comprehensive nourishment lifestyle paradigm taught by Gwen Nitya, Master Ayurveda Teacher, and Deanne, SuddhaRasa Facilitator, that does not exist anyplace else in the world.

My fav. bowl ever!

Beautiful Bowl of Life!

Treat yourself to this 1st ground-breaking lifestyle restoration and rejuvenation LIFE CELEBRATION with an abundance of Amazing Vegan Food, Food Wisdom, and Ancient Eternal Medicine in a stunning intimate retreat setting, comfortable and nurturing, to embrace a new conscious journey centered in Balance, Bliss, Playtime, and Peace.

The Tree Labyrinth

Taking this Journey is committing to Know and Love Thyself


WHEN: New Moon Weekend of May 14-16, 2010

WHERE: Whitefish Montana, Jwalan Muktika School of Wisdom, with Gratitude

Details: http://www.vedaraydiance.com

Lodging is not included; please contact: HaymoonResort.com for preferred lodging

For Information about Gwen Nitya and Ayurveda, and Deanne and SuddhaRasa, please visit http://www.vedaraydiance.com; please call with inquiries

VedaRaydiance Retreat Investments have unlimited value and support. A maximum of 12 people promotes individual attention and customized plans depending on doshic energies and imbalances.  A Lifestyle intake will be required upon confirmation and reviewed prior to the retreat weekend.

Investment for this New Moon Weekend Celebration is $412.00, including all nurturing meals, teas, & elixirs, workbooks, teachings, and apres-retreat support. In full by May 5th, 2010.  50% deposit to hold space due by April 20, 2010.

Early Registration by April 20, 2010, is $385.00 if paid in full – cash, money order, or paypal.

SuddhaRasa Salad

Supreme Citrus Goji Salad

TOL Live Muffin-Making

Deanne at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Cafe

Deanne is a Vibrational Alchemist/Chef & Certified Raw Instructor, past Student of California College of Ayurveda, and sole Facilitator of her Nourishment Paradigm,  SuddhaRasa.   She has over 9 years of intense study and practical experience in healing with pure food and energetics,  gourmet vegan/vegetarian cuisine – blending live, ayurvedic, and macrobiotic passions,  and transitional nourishment for everyone depending on individual needs.  She is intimately connected to a core group of plants and their highest wisdom in our bodies at this time. Enlightening and timely, this cosmic wisdom does not yet exist at this level of awareness, along with the illuminated pathways of the SuddhaRasa Lifestyle – woven with Ayurveda – that promote sustainable upliftment, enchantment, and feelings of bliss.  Her food is Asian/Indian ethnic fusion and beyond, always delicious & super-conscious!

Gwen Nitya is a Master Ayurveda Teacher with the California College of Ayurveda, and a Clinical Ayurveda and Pancha Karma Specialist. She has studied the Iyengar Method with Betty Larsen and John Charping, through the Southern Institute of Yoga Instructors, a 1000 hour Yoga Instructor training course. Nitya also spent a year as a member of a traditional Ayurveda Gurukula, studying with Pratichi Mathur of Vedika Global, focusing intensely on her own self-healing. Nitya is now inspiring others to self-heal with Ayurveda and Yoga through her private practice, Sage Yoga Medicine, in Spanish Forks, Utah. Due to this powerful transformation in her own life, Nitya is now committed to sharing this timeless healing wisdom of the Vedas to the World through VedaOcean.com, the Premier global on-line portal of Ayurveda Wisdom and Resources.

Gwen Nitya

As we have embodied, and passionately live and evolve our respective arts and teachings, we welcome you to experience our worlds of illuminated wisdom to nourish all aspects of Self, and welcome Each back to their own designs of true health, vitality, wellness, bliss, peace, and consciousness. Namaste.

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My Path of Ayurveda

Today is March 2, 2009 – it is my first day of formal study in Ayurvedic Medicine on my path to a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, with specializations in Pancha Karma (detox and cleansing), Ayurvedic Body Therapies, and Ayurvedic Herbalism.  What is Ayurveda? It is a “complete” science of well-being and healing, health and preventative medicine. It exists to keep human-kind healthy; it is an ancient science – the oldest medical system in the world – with the ultimate goal of health, balance, and longevity, and connection to our true natures as spirit.

What this means to me is EVERYTHING. My health and longevity, quality of life, wisdom and growth, and ability to heal self and others is EVERYTHING. We are all healers – when we make the right lifestyle choices. Through this process of healing and cleansing comes the clarity and energy to also pursue the path of Enlightenment, a permanently established link to time-less Self and Divine Love. What that feels like is spotty to me still since this experience with this Power has come in very small increments, yet has left me with a knowing that is irreversible and magnetic.

Meanwhile, manifestation of other activities has come to light lately – dreams I have had for 16 years, for instance, my opportunity to run a sushi bar a couple nights a week while the owner is on vacation. This is the food I am most familiar and excited with since childhood, have a palette for, and a passionate history rich with direct experience in sushi bars all over the world (even German-speaking Japanese in Switzerland), and with Itamae-sans from Japan who I have bellied up to and learned Japanese from and the art of sushi, japanese food, and cultural nuances.

It doesn’t matter to most people how much experience or passion I have, or even the level of sanitation, cleanliness, and consciousness I bring to this business, because most people have no idea what goes into their food or where their food comes from. My earliest business plan right out of college was for a sushi bar, and unless I start one from the ground or am honored by a Japanese trained chef behind the counter or someone that is beyond talented and creative with respect for the process (or one that is aspiring to be), it will never be good enough for me. For me, this is the last real food I can trust because I can see the entire process before my eyes. I have watched it my entire life and know when corners are being cut and fish is too long in the case. What do you call sushi or food that isn’t true to the real process or integrity of process or culture. Truth is it’s all over the U.S. right now and the Japanese have set up an organization to try to keep integrity in the process and preparation of Japanese food outside of Japan, which includes extensive training, education, and out-reach. This is evidence of how special they think their food is, and so do I.  When sushi rice is crunchy because someone didn’t take the time in the process to cook it properly and coat every grain of rice with vinegar and love, then what do you call that?   Not sushi.

In the end, no matter how important things seem to be to US, or ME, or YOU,  if people have different perspectives and life experiences when coming together – we cannot expect people to see as we do especially if they do not want to or need to; and here we are with expectations that this person or people will see as we do and have our expectations too – wouldn’t that be something! Wouldn’t it be so exciting that we have something to offer them that is special and beneficial and they SEE it!  This is not how it works usually. But as time goes by, as we change our environment and associations to reflect our passions, pursuits, and vision – more opportunities will arrive that are in-line with our intentions and energy. IT is up to us to be clear, and seek and embrace the opportunities where people really do realize and respect our gifts and truly want to benefit from them with eyes wide open. Otherwise, we are un-authentically, on someone else’s agenda, and are compromising our values, reputation, and diluting our abilities to produce to perfection or to our optimal potentials.

By the way, never let anyone talk you into mediocrity. Never listen to excuses based on ignorance, or the imbalanced ego which blocks people from accepting instruction, education, compassionate criticism, and loving guidance.  When two different perspectives come together, have compassion. Leave the situation if you can’t deal with it compassionately. When there is a clearly defined difference of vision, action, opinion, and experience – learn from the situation, let go with LOVE, and find those people who are like-minded and whom you want to associate with because of likeness of vision, striving for greatness, and mutual respect, admiration, and appreciation. Otherwise, you are in for a lot of paddling up a mountain with a broken paddle in a dry creek bed. This is called building community. It’s also what you do when you build a business.

That leads me to healing and the path of Ayurveda. When one has the ability to impact other’s lives with special wisdom and education, conscious care, and specific experience, do not expect everyone to embrace and follow this path you are expecting for them. Each person is on a unique life journey that will either resonate with you or not, they will either be magnetically drawn to you or dramatically repelled from you. It is up to us as healers, practitioners, friends, and family to do our best, be our best, and work with and associate with people who are embracing the many opportunities life is offering to fill significant roles at perfect times for us to serve each other and make a difference in each other’s lives. Don’t waste this precious human life.  This creates harmonious relationships on many levels in our lives and has a ripple effect that is very empowering, healing, and inspiring that effects so many indirectly as well.

Remember that the Universe is building Community even while we sleep, in the form of lessons, new experiences, and crazy unexpected connections that are based on our intentions and energy (actions), our higher purposes (the reasons we wanted to be here on Earth at this time),  and how hungry we are for wisdom and evolution.  All experiences are for our growth and evolution so honor the mystery of life and milk it for all the Joy you can.

Namaste. Peace out. D

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The Safety of Ayurvedic Herbal Preparations

This recap came from the Light on Ayurveda Education Foundation – I ran across this only after I read the FDA’s posting on October 16, 2008 first about high levels of heavy metals in Ayurvedic products. Not only was the research incomplete and very vague in general, it also is refering to $2.99 bottles of “dirt” that Indian consumers were not educated about – and were illegally imported and did not represent the high quality products and preparations that are on the market and safe.

As always, the moral of the story is “buyer be-aware”.

“The key to the effective application of herbal medicine begins with the correct diagnosis of the exact imbalance. An experienced clinician knows that most people show an array of conflicting imbalances. One organ may require warming while another needs cooling. The direction of alternative medicine in the West has tended toward the mass marketing of general formulas, which people buy directly off the shelf. Herbal medicine, however, is most effective when the formula is conformed exactly to the person.”

Angelo Druda   http://www.tbmedicine.com/

Please be educated, and do consult with a certified Health Educator or Practitioner who genuinely cares and can educate you about choices and their benefits, and can follow up with you and keep you on track.

The Story …

The December 14, 2004 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association included a report of research done at Harvard by a team led by Robert B. Saper, MD, MPH,(1) that exploded across the U.S. and even overseas. The news resulted in worried patients calling their Ayurvedic practitioners for assurance that their recommended herbal protocols were not those containing toxic metals. In turn, practitioners were turning to their herbal suppliers for confirmation that the herbs they offered were “safe”.

Let’s take a look at this report and discuss some of the issues that have been brought up by the research. Included with this discussion are reports on safety practices supplied by various domestic herbal companies and excerpts from articles published in the Spring 2005 issue of Light on Ayurveda Journal.(2),(3)

The Harvard study reports:

High levels of Lead, Mercury, Arsenic found in Ayurvedic products sold in U.S. (1)

The Harvard based study reported that one in five Ayurvedic medicines that were stocked in Asian groceries for their Indian clientele contain toxic levels of lead, mercury, or arsenic. According to the research team, these products put users at risk for metal poisoning. The researchers collected and analyzed 70 different Ayurvedic medicines produced by 27 companies, mainly from India, one from Thailand, and sold in 30 Boston-area stores. Most of the products, although not the ones containing heavy metals, were targeted for gastrointestinal problems and most cost $2.99 a bottle.

Their findings were that 20% of the examined products contained lead, mercury, and/or arsenic, and that seven were specifically recommended for children. Among the supplements mentioned with high levels of Mercury, Lead, and Arsenic were Mahayograj Guggulu with silver, Makardhwaj, Swama Mahayograj Guggulu with gold, Navratna Rasa, Mahalakshmi Vilas Ras with gold, and Balguti Kesaria. Saper noted that it was not known whether the heavy metals were already present in the plants from which the medications were derived or whether they had been added intentionally or unintentionally during the manufacturing process.

The levels were high enough to result in an intake above published safety standards, even in the quantities recommended.
It was noted that studies in England found similar results, and that traditional medicines from China, Malaysia, Mexico, Africa, and the Middle East have also been shown to contain metals. The researchers called for better regulation of the imported dietary supplements containing toxic metals.

LOAJ Editorial Commentary:

The samples obtained were inexpensive products available in Indian grocery stores and illegally imported. The study did not examine the high quality products produced by domestic Ayurvedic herbal companies.

The investigation did not distinguish between Ayurvedic herbal supplements and bhasmas. The “supplements” with the reported highest heavy metal content fall into the category of bhasma and there is a vast difference between herbal supplements and bhasmas. There is a special branch of Ayurvedic medicine that concerns itself with the creation of medications called Rasa. Rasas are derived primarily from the ashes (bhasmas) of heavy metals, gemstones, and toxic substances. The preparation process is intricate and requires specialized training and education,(4) and the resulting product is quite expensive. The resulting medication would not be available at the low prices offered in the grocery stores.

The products containing these bhasmas were properly identified by their Sanskrit names. However, the Indian population who frequent these markets and purchase these products, may not have understood that the traditional formulation contained heavy metals requiring special care and supervision.(5)

The researchers assumed that the heavy metals they found were toxic, but did not test them for toxicity. They also did not cite any of the research studies or books showing the safety and salutary effects of these bhasmas.(6)

LOAJ feels that the authors’ conclusion that laws should be created to prevent the importation of these dangerous products is inappropriate as there is already DSHEA legislation prohibiting the importation of heavy metals.(7) Further regulation would only penalize legitimate manufacturers and raise costs for consumers.

Please visit this URL for the full story and all references:


Excerpts from a Commentary by Dr. David Frawley:

“While herbs do have medical properties and potential toxicity if taken in the wrong dosages or if wrongly prescribed, they are generally much safer than the drugs that would otherwise be used, not try to scare people away from herbs by highlighting only the negative[…]. Relative to toxic metal contents, the amounts mentioned in the articles are still low but should be dealt with.[….]The real issue should be how we can improve herbal and other alternatives to drugs.”

It goes on to talk about some manufacturers and the testing procedures and due diligence these companies undertake.

Protocols for Safety of Ayurvedic Herbs

LOAJ inquired into the safety of herbs from distributors and domestic suppliers of Ayurvedic herbal supplements. BANYAN BOTANICALS and BAZAAR of INDIA were two responders from the U.S., and AYUSHAKTI responded from India.The following is a summary compiled from the information supplied by the herbal companies.

Numerous organizations and agencies are involved in the testing and certification of herbal products. Among them are the AHPA (American Herbal Products Association), NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), European Pharmacopoeia, the USP (United States Pharmacopoeia), and the FDA (Federal Drug Administration). The FDA is responsible for drug regulation, the NOP (National Organics Program) is involved in the certification of organic herbal farms. The DSHEA (Dietary Supplement health Education Act) sets standards that affect herbs and their importation. The NSF is one of the premier labs in the world and has written the standard for testing heavy metals (ANSI standard 173).

Further information states how these 3 companies test their herbs and by what methods. You should do the research when you are buying off a shelf!  When you discover a traditional Ayurvedic Herbalist/Practitioner, you have less layers in between you and the source and when you have found that Herbalist you trust, you have struck your pot of Gold!

Many thanks.  Again, please click on the link for the full story!

“In keeping with the theme of putting high quality, high energy bio-available foods and herbs into our bodies, please DO examine labels, KNOW the manufacturer (know the source), and have a good experience by listening to your body and seeing/feeling results! That is why I take AMAZON HERBS, everyday for the last 5 years. They worked instantly, I know the source, can feel the quality and LIFE FORCE directly, and I trust and respect the manufacturing process. My body craves them.  Know the sources and buy purity, not synthetic-filled plastic bottles.”  Peace out, D

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