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Deanne of Radiance Cafe, Radiance Cafe Images, and SuddhaRasa.

Serving as Pure Radiant Organic Green Alchemist/Educator/Artist

She is a devoted foodie with a gourmet cooking and eating background and a super unique global perspective on food arts and flavors.  She is the only chef she knows that can produce everything needed in taste, flavor, and texture to replace the foods she once loved that did not love her back.  However, there are certain things that don’t need to be replaced – like cheetos, bologna, and hamburgers.

Always pushing the envelope of creativity between simplicity and far-out, she is continuously expanding her perspectives and will soon share these with others through Ayurveda & Yoga Education retreats with focus of deeply nourishing sadhana (lifestyle practices), private food prep. services, and making elevated food for global retreats and spiritual gatherings. She also hopes to be trained for specialized Yoga therapy starting in Spring 2014 to act as a springboard for individualized movement practices that heal and open the body to its higher wisdom flow and pain-free states. Her work is the nucleus of that which draws people together of like-minds and inspires others to contemplate their daily lifestyle choices and nourishment.

“While we are on the Earth Plane, we need to eat to sustain ourselves and support our dharmas, therefore, there is a style of nourishment  and abundance of magical plants and energies that are here to support us and elevate us to new levels of experience and vitality. This path can be supported by cosmic guidance (if one eats enough green plants) and never ceases to surprise and inspire me.  It is an “As Above so Below” Paradigm that is not about earthly science and nutritional data – but rather “pure” nourishment that shatters most commonly accepted diets, nutrient levels, and dogmatic practices,”  says the Foodie.

“Furthermore, everytime I have been dogmatic about my diet or a way of life I have received a good butt-kicking…  and now I am so sensitive to everything good and not-so in and around my body – it’s hard not to listen or react when things are instantly absorbed and feedback is coming from everywhere, above and below.”

Deanne has transitioned from a healthy standard American diet to a mostly live & vegan lifestyle in 9 years; A slow elimination and re-creation process starting with gluten, then red meat, then all land roaming and winged creatures, then all food products associated with land roaming, and flying creatures. This is not a one-size-fits-all regimen, however, this is the diet that walks more softly on the earth and is open to unlimited upliftment, clarity, experimentation, and natural law.

Every step of this increasing consciousness and cleanliness has led to higher and higher levels of energy, clarity, well-being, youthfulness, and confidence that is part of a crazy Path – of Love.  Deanne has polished the candida starvation diet with the help of a Native American Shaman and her own persistence, has worked with Gabriel Cousen’s Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine and Phase 1 and Phase 2 levels of rainbow cuisine intimately at the Tree of Life, is a Certified Live Food Instructor through the Tree following a 2.5 month intensive residential apprenticeship program, and is currently developing phenomenal cuisine, recipes, menu ideas, and products for enlightening people with simple nutrient-dense ingredients and simple processes – for an Amazing green life!

In-love with the Mother of All Healing Sciences and Paths, AYURVEDA,  she has been a student at California College of Ayurveda, working towards finishing up her Level 1 certification. A lover of the power and practice of Iyengar yoga – she has been dabbling in ayurvedic practices for many years thanks to Melanie Farmers’ yoga classes in Seattle, with Ayurveda and Yoga being together.  Her healing practice and service for others incorporates elevated and evolved ayurvedic nutrition which is vital for keeping the body/mind happy and balanced all year long.  She is an Alchemist and Food Expert, using food for therapy and healing, 5-sense nourishment, and as sacred practice.

She hopes to become a highly sought after “chef/cook/alchemist” specializing in retreats, sacred gatherings,  and spiritually-focused events,  in addition to teaching others her evolving nourishment paradigm, which is cosmically supported food wisdom and nourishment practices – being a profound path to inspiration, creativity, and super conscious awareness of nourishment for all body types and seasons, allowing the miraculous potential of this wisdom in our bodies to support our Dharmas – and our daily food choices to support food in its’ highest states.

She is fascinated by many different Island cultures who have very simple pure and flavorful diets – with minimal processing and cultural richness.  She has a particular affinity with Japanese food, culture, and traditions, eats vegan Vietnamese pho 2-3X weekly, and cannot seem to make the same thing twice.

Of all the things most important in Deanne’s daily life, “The most important daily habit I have is a green juice smoothie. If I can’t get 30-40 oz. of this tonic – my body will not stop asking for it – loudly. So I probably spend more time making this than some 2-3 course meals. I could live on it, definitely.”

As a firm believer in growing food and sharing this wisdom, even if it’s just sprouts,  she is also involved in an enormous 52 Ft. geo-dome food self-sufficiency project and is currently responsible for building soil, compost, and helping to create and build the sacred practices and environment to support this vision. The project encompasses nature farming techniques and uses green compost, vermiculture, ocean grown, and Effective Micro-organisms technologies, and Quan Yin/Divine Feminine Consciousness and other benevolent energies and deities to guide practice and infuse the plants with the our highest intentions to take into our bodies upon harvest.

It is the Culture of Life she chooses to live in, and a cornerstone of this web is the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center.  Being a magical year,  2008 paved many of these current pathways,  including a formal and intimate introduction to raw lifestyles, and eventually representing HealthForce Nutritionals based in Escondido, California.

She has been fortunate to build retail distribution in Montana where most commonly she stood in front of a stranger, made friends, served up “happy juice”, and expounded the virtues of superfood plant nourishment on a daily basis.

Jameth Sheridan, N.D. is a truly super aware warrior whom has the highest standards of quality for all plants in these superfoods blends, and the highest respect and enthusiasm for the plant kingdom of anyone putting powdered plant foods in a bottle.

Dr. Sheridan is creating the next level of pure food standards with his TruGanic manifesto/philosophy which will soon be supported by progressive organizations and individuals that care deeply about our food sources and preserving purity and integrity of food and our bodies. Truly, he is one of my favorite hero extraordinaire of plant life stewardship for the benefit of humanity.  There are too many others of influence to mention everyone, so my gratitude is stamped in the ether to all who are supporting vibrant life and loving service to others on Gaia at this time. This work is timely and life-saving. Furthermore, we are all responsible for protecting and supporting the plant kingdom in harmony with the laws of nature, Divine.  This needs to be re-learned as it’s been lost, especially in this past century. ”

She currently lives in Montana and spends as much time as possible flying down the mountains on skis and touring wild scenic rivers and mountain  trails.  She flies quite often in helicopters and small planes where she feels most comfortable at altitude and at eye level with summits and clouds. Her intention is to study and practice the ways of Permaculture and Nature Farming more in-depth, and receive more cosmic technologies for growing pure food in abundance and restoring the depleted soils and damaged eco-systems.  Her  work is unfolding more deeply as steward and advocate for sustainable abundant thriving communities in total harmony with Nature, Gaia, and Celestial Groups – all encompassing – that continue to produce conscious sustainable living solutions and refuges that support alignment with Celestial energies and wisdom, sacred practice and retreat,  ALL in the majesty and magic of nature’s splendor.

As an advocate and activist for pure organic, authentic, wild-crafted, and non-GMO foods,  she is committed to education for transitioning away from poison food choices to optimal food choices that support the health of the environment, planet, local farmers and growers, conscious retailers, and that especially wholly support the radiant potential of our whole Beings and grand Purpose.

As everything important is “surfacing” and “ripening” at race car pace very noticeably this year, Deanne was fortunate to find herself gazing up at Prajnaparamita, the Mother of All Buddhas and Boddhisattvas, sitting beneath an elegant canopy in the middle of an 8-spoke dharma wheel that is the centerpiece of the Garden of 1,000 Buddhas.  Using a fishing metaphor that Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche used in a discussion about the garden with the Ewam Sangha in Arlee back in March…   the line was cast at the perfect time with right bait to right fish.  It is happening on a grand scale now in a very swift current. Right place, right time, doing right thing. That is synchronicity.

” There are too many amazing and miraculous things and connections happening right now. When it is the right time, and you feel this or see this clearly,  it is an A-HA!

I am inviting you to visit EWAM.org to discover the Garden of 1000 Buddhas in Arlee MT, and please consider donating any resources in support of this International Peace Garden due for completion in 2011. You can even purchase a Buddha for $200. that will sit permanently in this garden for generations.  Who knows, I might be the one smoothing out the mold lines on YOUR Buddha! HH The Dalai Lama is scheduled to visit and give His Blessings to the Garden of 1000 Buddhas, an International Symbol of Peace and Compassion in the Montana Rockies.  Sitting in a lotus shaped valley, this sacred site is open to All, it is not just for Buddhists. It is for everyone who hopes, wishes, and dreams for Peace – internally, externally, and Eternally.”

“We will be holding space and fundraising at The Green Tea House in Whitefish, Montana. Even just sponsoring a Buddha with some friends, or a simple intention to become involved in any way builds merit that contributes greatly to the energetic momentum of this project and vision.  Namaste ”

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